Super Reflections

Bye Bye 2015!

And here we are, on the last day of 2015. So officially my next post will be next year 🙂

As every year, 2015 passed so quickly and as every year, it is full of good and bad memories and events. The best of all was having little princess Lolo in July.

2016 is full of resolutions, having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle  usually comes on top of the list but unfortunately starts going down the list with the fast paced life in Dubai and hence junk, on the go food and no time for the gym. However, I feel this year will be a little bit different since I joined the Lively program so I don’t have to worry anymore about calories counting and logging food and drinks since it is all done for me with the meals they provide. I started with them last week so I hope to see weight loss results soon (will keep you updated 🙂 )

Another resolution that I am also pushing higher on the list is “Super Me”! Yes, I need to focus more on myself.  I need to love myself more! Getting back in shape is surely a step but I am also excited about developing myself on both the professional and non-professional related areas. It would be more of a partial restoration process to “before becomming a mommy” stage.

Being a super parent is also on my list as it has always been. But my view of a super parent is not the 100% ideal perfect faultless parent! In my opnion,  being a super parent is about providing them with love and respect, giving them a healthly happy life and surroundings and simply being there when they need me.

I don’t have any plans for celebrating new year other than sleeping I guess since I am already awake since 5 am! Streets will be crowded anyways. Maybe watching TV a little bit will do.

Happy new year to all!



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