Super Fun / Super Reflections

Petit Papa Noël…

Yesterday, I attended Mimi’s show in school to celebrate the end of term. As soon as I entered the hall, I remembered last year, when I saw her for the first time singing on stage with her classmates. I still remember her eyes going here and there searching for me as soon as the curtain opened. I can’t forget her smile when she saw me standing there waving for her. Exactly one year passed, relatively quickly I have to say! and here she is standing on stage singing with her friends. Though they were singing mostly the same songs as last year for Santa Claus, this year is different. She is 1 year older! Lolo also attended with me. It is for her like her first mini concert to attend 🙂

After the show, we went to see Mimi’s class. But we were not the only visitors. Shortly later, Papa Noël also arrived and distributed his gifts to the kids. It was a fun day.

Now that school holidays had started, it is time to think of interesting activities for Mimi and Lolo.



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