Super Reflections

Activities and Sports: when and what?

One of the steps you encounter in the motherhood journey is giving the kids the chance to participate in activities. However, it is very difficult to decide which they like and which they don’t. Some of my friends prefered to wait for kids are older to be able to express what activities or sports they would like to do. I agree with this approach to a certain extent but why not start early on so they are exposed to a wide variety and then they can chose what they like and what they hate as they grow up. As Mimi reaching 3 years old, I believed that it was time to start.

So what mix to consider? I thought of a mix of activities mostly based on my own personal experience, whether they are activities I did in my childhood or activities I dreamt of doing. For example, I started to play tennis when I was almost 5 years and I kept playing till I moved to Dubai couple of years ago. So tennis can be a good option especially that we can play together when the weather permits (it does gets very hot and humid here in Dubai 😦 ). I love classical music and I always dreamt of playing piano. I am a big fan of Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Mozart, Strauss and my favorite composer Omar Khayrat in addition to many many more. I have also seen some of my friends sending their kids for gymnastics and ballet. So maybe Mimi may like to go as well. There are also some activities which I believe are a must such as swimming.

It was more of a trial and error. I wanted her to try many things. Only then, we can start focusing on her favorite ones. We started first with swimming and gymnastics. And let me tell you, in my eyes, gymnastics shifted to the “must” category besides swimming. Mimi really enjoys it and it is the time for her where she feels she is free to run and jump and do all monkey style playing without me saying “stop jumping on the bed, go down from the sofa, be careful, you can fall like this…etc” She is excited to go. We also tried tennis, piano and ballet. Mimi likes her ballerina skirt and she is showing me how she dances at home since I cannot be present in the ballet studio during the lesson time.

At some times, I felt that I am overloading her with activities, we have almost something to do everyday of the week. Sometimes, she is exhausted especially during school days. Sometimes, I am even exhausted to drive here and there given that I also take Lolo with us. But, I also thought that it is good to keep Mimi busy so she won’t feel that Lolo is sharing the centre of attention with her or sometimes taking all  attention simply for the fact that she is a baby. So far, Mimi likes her activities. Who knows, maybe we will be adding more and more if she wants to…..




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