Super Reflections

Yes, I became an online shopaholic

Early on, I used to take Mimi and go to Dubai Mall. She used to sleep in her stroller while I roam around peacefully, buy what I want and then sit for a coffee and relax. These days are gone!

Now a typical scenario of my outing is something like this:

  • Can I get a toy
  • No you have a lot already,
  • Why?
  • You just got one yesterday
  • But I want today
  • No not now
  • Mommy wants to buy something here, come on
  • No I don’t want to go to this shop, I want to get a toy (stomping the floor as a sign of anger)
  • I want candies
  • No you can’t have candies today
  • But I want candies
  • But I want candies
  • But I want candies
  • But I want candies
  • No you can’t
  • Mommy I am hungry,
  • Ok let’s sit here and eat but you have to finish your food to have more muscle,
  • Can you stop going around the table like a bee. Sit down and finish your food, we have to go
  • I am not hungry now
  • Can I see fish?
  • Ok, we will just finish here
  • But, I want to go now
  • Alright, we will go now
  • Can I have ice cream and lollipop?
  • You didn’t finish your food
  • Can I get this balloon?
  • Can you walk a little bit faster
  • Okey, okey
  • Walk properly and stop standing on the stroller wheel, you can hurt yourself and your sister
  • Do you want to go to toilet? There is a toilet nearby here
  • No I don’t (then as soon as we walk away I want to go to toilet)
  • I want this, I want that
  • Stop grabbing things, you can break something like this
  • But I want to see
  • Stop acting like a baby, you are a big girl now
  • Walk next to mommy and hold mommy’s hand
  • I want to get a toy

[back to the beginning…]

And now with Lolo in the outing, there some interludes of crying, hunger, tiredness…etc

And with all this stress, you have to be extremely cool and not to show that you are annoyed or stressed out.

So as you can see, the decision to go out with the kids is not easy anymore, I didn’t even talk about the stressful phase of getting ready and going out of the house. This phase is also equally stressful with arguments about what to wear, and which shoes are matching, where is the hello kitty hair clip…etc. I try to keep the outing interesting for Mimi, for example by letting her walk next to me with her stroller and Hello Kitty or her dol Aurora in the stroller, pretending that is she is a mommy and taking her baby around.

That’s why I try to minimize my outings and buy all I need online. I love the feelings that I get what I want to my doorsteps. I am a big fan of onlike shopping and can’t imagine my life without it. Such a relief!


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