Super Reflections

Oh! But she is too young!

One of the first questions that people asked me when I returned from my maternity leave, which happens to be a pretty short one, is where and with whom do you leave your baby. “Well, she goes to a nursery.” Let me tell you that before I even reach the end of the sentence, I can see the pity and guilt in the eyes of the person I am speaking with.

But she is too young to go! In the eyes of some people , I am a terrible mother who is just favoring work over sitting with her baby, or who prefers to send her baby to “strangers” in the nursery rather than getting a maid/nanny at home so that the baby doesn’t go out and stays securely in home.

Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to take that decision for me either. I am sure that there are many supermommies out there who are struggling with taking a decision like that especially in Dubai since maternity leaves are pretty short and nurseries are expensive. I remember 4 years ago, when I took Mimi to nursery and how I was standing there beside her crying that I will be leaving her for couple of hours. After all, she is my first baby and I spent 3 months completely devoted to her and I got so much attached to her. So how can I leave her like that?! What kind of mom am I? I remember how the nursery staff were comforting me that it is ok and that I am not the horrible person I thought I am.

The first day passed and so are other days, and each day I get more and more convinced that I did the right thing. I was really surprised by how Mimi is developing her personality and independence, how she is interacting and socializing with others, how she is blossoming overall! For 4 years, the nursery provided me with the support I needed. I remember when we were through the “terrible twos” phase and how I always used to seek advice from Mimi’s teachers and how we were working in coordination to overcome this “terrible” phase. So for me, it wasn’t just a place to keep Mimi for some time with a baby sitter till I pick her up after work.

For me, sending my babies to a professional nursery with highly qualified staff is much more comforting than hiring a nanny or maid and filling the house with CCTV cameras to continuously monitor the nanny! and in the end, with all these security precautions at home, you hear everynow and then about maids’disasters and what they do with kids.

Even if I was a full time housewife, I would still send my babies to nursery. But not any nursery indeed, a nursery that gives me a piece of mind. It wasn’t easy to find one in Dubai, since there are many variables to consider. For example, how many days does the nursery close yearly, staff to children’s ratio, staff qualifications, facilities in general and above all, your gut feeling. I have done an intensive search and visits in order to find the nursery of my dreams and I found it 🙂 That’s why with Lolo it was really easy to embark on this experience again without any hesitation.

Thanks to Children’s Oasis Nursery and all the lovely staff over there.



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