Super Reflections

Finally in charge of the remote control, but…

The girls are finally asleep. It is time for some “me time.” and though I am already exhausted and sleepy, my subconscious is hinting to me that I should watch TV a little bit. After all, when the TV is on during the day, it is either Disney Junior, Jim Jam, and Peppa pig…etc or National Geographic which my husband is a big fan of. So now it is my chance to watch a movie, a rom-com maybe and eat pop corn. That sounds fun

As I prepare the popcorn in the microwave, I am just standing there and thinking with the popping sound of the yummy butter popcorn,  would I find a nice movie on TV or should I rent one and I started to think what the latest movies that I wanted to watch. Here it is ready, I take the popcorn and sit on the couch.. Wow! It feels great sitting and doing nothing and guess what? I am in full control of what to watch. No tigers, no sharks, no Sofia the first and Jake and the Neverland pirates! I put the TV on and started to enjoy the me-time i was preparing for.

But wait a second, after 10 minutes, I am just wondering why I am still watching Disney Junior! Why didn’t I change the channel and continued to watch Aladdin! Didn’t I get enough of cartoons and kids stuff all the day? The remote control is in my hand but it is just there. So what’s wrong with me? Honestly, I don’t know! But it seems that I got too much used to watching kids stuff that I am not really bored of them; especially when it comes to one of those Disney classics. They take me back to childhood. Those old days where I always dreamt of being a princess. Aurora and Ariel were my favorite and still they are. But I enjoyed the popcorn after all. And now, since I am done with it, I think it is a sign for me to go to sleep. I will keep the rom-com movie on my “me-time” to-do list anyways 🙂

Sweet Dreams everyone!



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