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Fun Outing – The Lost Chambers and the Palm Monorail

It can really get hard to be creative about outings in Dubai during the hot summer days. We are only restricted by indoor places and activities and for me, these are usually limited to Dubai Mall where we spend the day there. Though there are some options such as Kidzania and the Aquarium,  after some time you will need to explore other outings. So we decided to check out the Lost Chambers in Atlantis The Palm. It was nice and kids had fun especially with the wide varieties of fish species overthere. Mimi was happy to see Nemo and the lobsters the most.

After that we went for a trip with the palm monorail. It is a short trip but Mimi was excited being in a “train.” The round trip taking you from Atlantis to the other end of the palm costs AED 25 for adults and for kids it depends on their heights.1

There are coupons for both the Lost Chambers and the monorail in the Entertainer book (pay 1 and get one free). I think it is a good deal for the outing.


*all super reviews on my blog are purely based on my own humble experience that I am keen to share with you


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