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Swing with me

When Mimi was born, I got her the Graco swing. It was good with reclining seat, vibrator (though i never used it), and you can operate it by battery or electricity so if the batteries stop you can search for a wall socket and voila! Honestly, I always used batteries. I never tried the electrical option.

But while preparing for my second baby, i discovered that I forgot to take the batteries out of the compartment and they leaked. I tried to clean it but the swing was no longer working neither by batteries nor by electricity. My mistake I know 😉

I thought maybe I don’t need to buy it this time. But from my humble experience having a swing around was helpful to put the baby to sleep or just spend some time in it while i finish some stuff in the house. So again, I went shopping but this time i decided to go for one of those portable compact swings. I liked the Fisher Price Deluxe Take-Along Swing and Seat.

I have to say, I was happy from my purchase. The swing is compact and easy to assemble. Mimi was excited when we put it together before the baby’s arrival and she was swinging her soft toys. the swing is also lightweight, easy to carry, I can take it around the house even with baby sitting in it and buckled up. It operates only on batteries butI didn’t feel they empty up fast. It has the needed features such as melodies, nature sounds, and different swinging speeds. The seat can be easily cleaned and washed when needed. It doesn’t recline but it is done in such a way that is suitable for babies from birth without putting any strain on their soft backs. It has also got an insert for small babies to give better support for their heads. What I also liked, you can fix the seat in the swing frame to prevent it from moving and make it more comfortable for baby to sleep. Lolo used to stare at the red wolf most of the time 🙂 which I see as a plus point over the pale hanging toys in other swings. Storing is easy, and when Lolo outgrows it, I can fold it and stored easily without consuming a lot of space. But i will try to make sure to remove the batteries this time 😉

Two things i didn’t like about the swing: 1-You have to bend completely or go on your knees to take the baby out as it is made in such a way the seat is close to the floor. 2- Now, with the baby getting bigger, it gets a little bit hard to put the baby in and out of the seat due to the top part which obstruct the way a little bit. But overall, as i said before, I like it and would recommend it.

*all super reviews on my blog are purely based on my own humble experience that I am keen to share with you


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