Super Reviews

It’s a girl!

The life changing milestone in my motherhood journey is giving birth. So let me share it with you. First is where? The choice of hospital in Dubai is influenced by many factors such as the insurance coverage, doctors, facilities and surely the reviews about it. Do you choose the doctor first or you choose the hospital first? It is more like the chicken first or the egg!

For me, I had my first baby in the Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai and I really liked my OB and followed up with her since then. When it was time to deliver, I was given the option to deliver in  the City Hospital. So, I repeated the experience with my second baby since I was already familiar with it.

What I liked:

  • Being familiar with the hospital
  • The room is reasonably sized with a nice window which is good when you are awake
  • Good location of the hospital close to my home
  • The nursing staff are generally nice and willing to help
  • They provide the necessary basic supplies so you don’t need to worry of you forgot something from the hospital bag
  • There is a lactation consultant available. Though she didn’t do anything to me this time. In my previous stay, she was helping me out with breastfeeding
  • You get a quick visit from a physiotherapist who gives you some papers about exercising and do’s and don’ts especially after C-Section deliveries
  • Food is generally good (except some plates, which couldn’t be eaten). They give you a menu to choose what you want for the day.

What I didn’t like:

  • After the operation, I went to my room. I was shocked by the construction noise in nearby floors that was loud enough to make you and the baby not only sleepless but irritable and extremely angry. Nobody mentioned that this will be the case and that there will be a continuous drilling noise before delivering and we were told that there are no rooms available. So basically, I am stuck! I have to stay in this torture during the five days after my C-section and I can’t simply leave the hospital at this stage :@ But the funniest thing is when we called the unit manager, she told me there are no rooms and that she can help me with giving me ear plugs!!!! At that point, I had mixed emotions indeed. I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry or just scream at her. I wanted to laugh about the fantastic creative solution yet my face was turning red from anger like Donald Duck or Taz of Looney Tunes. How am I supposed to survive thIMG_3856.JPGis noise with ear plugs! and if I put them, what about the baby?! After arguments and quarrels here and there a room got available. I don’t know where it has been hiding before and why do they accept patients to stay in these noisy rooms. They moved me to the other room at the other side. You can still hear some noise but definitely not like the first one. The good thing is they brought me a piece of yummy cake which I think was to apologize. I like happy endings 🙂
  • Everyday, at around 6 AM, busy bees invade the room. Housekeeping staff want to come and clean, nurses want to check temperature and pressure, room service bring the breakfast. all together in the same time. And the worst thing is when this happens when you just have closed your eyes after feeding the baby and made an effort to let her settle down and sleep.
  • Though the room is fairly clean, there is signs of wear and tear here and there
  • If you are like me and you like to sleep in the dark then it will be impossible for you to sleep during the morning as there is no black out on the window or a good option to make the room darker

In the end, we went home with the new family member 🙂


*all super reviews on my blog are purely based on my own humble experience that I am keen to share with you



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