Super Reflections

The Super Mommy badge

Am I really a supermom? Well let me first introduce myself. I am a full time mommy who was blessed with my first princess 4 years ago and the second princess almost 4 months ago. I work full time. I don’t have a nanny as most people do here in Dubai simply because I don’t feel comfortable with a stranger around in the house; which means I have to handle house chores on my own. My husband’s work require him not to be always around so I have to be responsible of a myriad variety of duties and performing different roles: wife, nanny, cook, driver, and much more but above all a mother which I see is more hectic than other roles combined! So if you think about it, I think I fit in the definition of a supermom. but the question is am I really super? that’s really hard to answer. I always see that I have to do more but with a limited energy in the end of the day, I go to bed extremely exhausted. I can’t deny that I really look forward for my girls to be super girls too and I sometimes feel that I expect a lot from them. But what to say, this comes with the motherhood package 🙂

The thing is, if I was given the choice, would I still choose to be a super mommy? The answer is most probably yes. Many times, I think “oh! what am doing to myself?! why can’t I just take it easy on me.”  I am the kind of personality who likes to do everything by herself. I spend my time almost running here and there, stressed out and valuing each minute that goes by so “we won’t be late” as I tell my elder daughter. Yet, I don’t feel comfortable giving up any of my roles. A perfectionist? Maybe. But, they are sort of what make  my personality now. My work is probably the only thing I feel I am doing for myself. What matters is to see a smile on the face of my angels. My princesses’ happiness rewards indeed my endeavor to make them the best at least in my eyes.

Maybe, I am right. Maybe, I am wrong. Only days will tell how outstanding and super I was, but till then, my strive will continue to honor my Super Mommy badge.


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