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The princess and her 3rd birthday

We decided to celebrate Mimi’s 3rd birthday beyond the boundaries of our small family. This implied searching for a venue. And since it was in September, we couldn’t think of outdoor options. I can tell you that I felt that searching for my wedding venue was easier than that. There were many variables to consider: location, available timing slots, weekdays versus weekends,minimum and maximum number of kids, food menu and options, entertainment options, whether we will hire a party planner or whether it will all be provided by the venue and most importantly the cost which i have to say that I have seen some bizarrely high prices to host a kids birthday. yes, right, a kids birthday can be very expensive in Dubai!

After a lot of search, I chose Le Petit Palais which is inside Galerie Lafayette in Dubai Mall.


  • They are organized, they know what they are doing
  • Good food options and food is yummy
  • The venue itself is nice and clean
  • The venue is entertaining for 2-4 years old girls and boys but boring for older kids
  • The party room is nice and provides many options for decoration, of course depending on your budget and the package you choose
  • Fun in the party with pop corn and cotton candy booth. I loved the cotton candy 😉
  •  Parents can drop their kids and go shop or sit in Lafayette Gourmet
  • Coming in and going out are controlled. So if you leave your kids, they can’t go out without you coming


  • I see the decoration package expensive. I selected the basic package which contains 3 or 4 groups of balloons forming something like a flower on the walls, “Happy Birthday” banner, a small centerpiece, a balloon on each kids’ chair with a choice of one or two colors for the balloons. The same applies for plates which also had to be provided by the venue only. Moreover, the venue allowed only helium balloon that you can get from outside but you have to bring them packed and they are the ones to fill the balloons at an extra cost per balloon. The only thing you can bring from outside is the cake. But I saw this package as suitable from a cost point of view

    basic decoration package


    happy birthday banner

  • Kids above 4 years old will be bored
  • The venue is open for other kids to play but only the invitees are permitted in party room. So outside the party room, it got really crowded as the birthday was on the weekend

Funnily, i felt like the mother of the bride running around to make sure everything is as planned.

The best part was the cake, mimi wanted a princess castle and so it was. I used this time the Romantic Castle set from Wilton. It provides the plastic towers that you can decorate in the way you want and place them where you want. romantic castle

Mimi helped in cutting the small pink fondant flowers but she was cutting some and eating some. The piping gel really gave the feeling of the river in the start of Disney movies. The end result was good but i felt so bad when the cake was being cut and eaten after all this effort.




*all super reviews on my blog are purely based on my own humble experience that I am keen to share with you


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